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We welcome you on board Yukon, the traditional danish build sailing ketch.

We sail in harmony with the wind and the waves, all on board can get involved with the daily routine of a sailing vessel or you simply sit back and relax.

As the elements gradually begin to work their magic, one cannot help but be enchanted by the sensation of a ship under sail at sea.

Come sail with us!


The Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area

  • Port Davey cruises March 2020
  • 1: Sail in – Fly out/ 7 days.   
  • 2: Fly in – Fly out/ 2 days. 
  • 3: Fly in – Sail out/7 days.

Sail aboard Yukon in the heart of Tasmanian World Heritage wilderness, Port Davey. A picturesque voyage at the bottom of the world, this little known paradise of intricate waterways, white beaches and crystalline ridges rising sharply from the Southern Ocean, has captured the imagination of adventurers for centuries.

Port Davey and Bathurst Harbour lie on Tasmania’s wild south west corner. They are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Area. There are no roads into Port Davey. Access is by sea, light plane or five days hiking the south west trail.

The time spent at Port Davey is relative to passage times and can vary due to weather. Usually we would expect to have about 2-3 days in the South West National park.

Normally the first/last 48 hours are spent in the D’Entrecasteaux Channel – we like to anchor at Recherché Bay on the first/last evening and take a walk ashore on the varied beaches of this lovely bay.

The 70 mile passage to/from Port Davey can include a landing at Cox’s Bight but often we make a non-stop passage traversing this seldom seen coast line in daylight hours making landfall at dusk.

The days in the wilderness are spent sailing and walking the coastal areas of Port Davey and the Bathurst narrows and Bathurst Harbour. We anchor each night and discuss options for walks and short sailing passages for the following day.

Short sailing trips around Port Davey can include the following destinations.

  • Stephens Bay beach (site of one of Australia’s largest Aboriginal middens)
  • Bramble cove, Mount Milner, Mount Misery
  • Schooner Cove, Watering Bay
  • Joe Page Bay
  • Balmoral Beach, Parker Bay
  • Claytons Corner
  • Melaleuca Inlet
  • Melaleuca Airstrip, Deny King’s old tin mine.

All destinations are considered with regard to weather and an individual’s capacity. The prime objective of the voyages is to enjoy Port Davey national park and its coastal surrounds, whilst taking advantage of Yukon’s roomy comfort. Boat trips in our ships boat and a series of short guided/unguided walks will be a part of the daily program.

Port Davey cruises 2020
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Option 1: Franklin – Port Davey. Duration: 7 days, 6 nights.
Embark: Saturday the 21th of March Port Huon 8.00.
Disembark: Friday the 27th of March Port Davey aprox.13.00.
Price per person:
Cabin berth per person: AU$ 3,600 SOLD OUT
Salon berth per person: AU$ 3,000 1 LEFT
Airfare not included 

Option 2: Port Davey – Port Davey. Duration 2 days to 2 nights.
Embark: Friday the 27th of March Port Davey aprox. 13.00.
Disembark: Sunday the 29th of March Port Davey approximately 13.00.
Price per person:
Cabin berth per person: AU$ 1,500 SOLD OUT
Salon berth per person: AU$ 1,200 SOLD OUT
Airfare not included 

Option 3: Port Davey – Franklin. Duration: 7 days, 6 nights.
Embark: Sunday the 29th of March Port Davey aprox. 13.00.
Disembark: Saturday the 4th of April in Franklin 16.00.
Price per person :
Cabin berth per person: AU$ 3,600 1 LEFT
Salon berth per person: AU$ 3,000 2 LEFT
Airfare not included 

Price includes: All meals on board. All accommodation on board the Yukon.
Price does not include: Travel to and from vessel. 

The return Passage to Franklin is timed to enable disembarkation at the scheduled time with consideration to weather