Map - Bruny Island and Channel


We welcome you on board Yukon, the traditional danish build sailing ketch.

We sail in harmony with the wind and the waves, all on board can get involved with the daily routine of a sailing vessel or you simply sit back and relax.

As the elements gradually begin to work their magic, one cannot help but be enchanted by the sensation of a ship under sail at sea.

Come sail with us!

Bruny Island and the D’Entrecasteaux Channel

  • Season 2019/20 offers 3 different options for Bruny Cruises.
  • Spoil yourself, your partner, your family.

Sail aboard Yukon on ‘the channel’, a favourite cruising ground for the Tasmanian sailor, this partially sheltered water way nestled between the Tasmanian mainland and Bruny Island has a myriad of anchorages and secluded beaches. An ideal passage for a short break, this 3 night voyage is a good introduction to coastal cruising aboard Yukon.
All destinations are considered with regard to weather and an individual’s capacity. The prime objective of the voyages is to enjoy ‘the channel’ and Bruny Island’s coastal surrounds, whilst taking advantage of Yukon’s roomy comfort. Boat trips in our ships boat and a series of short guided/unguided walks will be a part of the daily program.

Indicative Itinerary

  • Waterloo Bay
  • Egg and Bacon Bay
  • Mickeys Bay (Bruny Island)
  • Partridge Island
  • The Quarries
  • Great Taylors Bay

Possible Wildlife Encounters

Seals, Dolphins, Whales and Bird life.
This is an excellent opportunity to take a comfortable low-impact holiday and feel the amazing sensation of a wooden ship under sail at sea.

Options 2019 / 2020
Duration: 4 days, 3 nights
Price per person:
Cabin berth per person: AU$ 1,800
Salon berth per person: AU$ 1,500

1: Spring 
Embark: Friday the 4th of October in Port Huon 8.00.
Disembark: Monday the 7th of October in Franklin 15.00.

2: Christmas
Embark: Friday the 27th of December in Port Huon 7.30.
Disembark: Monday the 30th of December in Franklin 15.00.

3: Easter
Embark: Friday the 10th of April in Franklin 10.00.
Disembark: Monday the 13th of April in Franklin 16.00.

Price includes:
All meals. 
All accommodation on board the Yukon

The return passage is timed to enable disembarkation at the scheduled time with consideration to weather.
For group bookings and waiting list subscription please contact us.