Fat Pig Farm

Map - Fat Pig Farm Afloat

Fat Pig Farm afloat – Lunch on the Huon River

  • Duration: 2 Hours (approx)

This summer’s Fat Pig Farm Afloat lunch cruises down the Huon River on board Yukon was a great success, new dates coming up soon!

Sadie and Matthew Evans’s Fat Pig Farm is just around the corner from Franklin, they bring the Fat Pig Farm concept from paddock to plate to the calm waters of the Huon.

You can hoist the square sail, learn more about the ship’s amazing history, or just sit back and feast on a picnic basket filled with farmhouse goodies from Fat Pig Farm with local wines and cider while soaking up the beautiful views of the Huon River.

Some of our favourites from Fat Pig Farm table: homemade cultured butter and cider poached bacon – say no more !


We are sailing the oceans and rivers on our Traditional ketch ‘YUKON’.

We sail in harmony with the wind and the waves, all on board can get involved – set and trim the sails, learn a useful knot or try a `trick` at the helm.
As the elements gradually begin to work their magic, one cannot help but be enchanted by the sensation of a ship under sail.

Yukon is the ideal setting for a relaxing and engaging holiday or a different and memorable one day celebration.

Yukon accommodates
8 overnight guests
28 day guests

We welcome you on board